Our First SAK'D Gear Giveaway!

We figured that after spending over two years lining up some really gorgeous merchandise for SAK’D that it was time to show the rest of the world, and give something back to our fans on social media who have been extraordinarily awesome since day one. Turns out hosting a giveaway is a ton of fun! We only ran the draw entrance for a few days for a relatively minimal turnout (14 entrants on the Twitter side of the contest, and about 20 people on Faceboo...

3D Miniature Figures Are Coming!

We've selected some really significant environments, creatures and events from the game and turned them into 3D printed miniature figures. We've also gone a step further to plan out interchangeable bases which will give collectors the opportunity to mix and match their favourite Sak or monster poses with the miniature base of their choice. We've got the 3D models for several of these well under way and have begin to test the 3D printing aspect; as you...

Why yes, Sak does have a bum.

Perhaps the most iconic feature of Sak, aside from being a pillow, is his rear end. Now, that's not to say that he farts feathers or craps medieval pillow filler, but he does have a bum of sorts. We've rounded and softened Sak's bottom from it's earlier sculpted appearance shown above, but we're not promising we won't put a little more defined a** in the final version. We've had a really encouraging series of reviews on him by all kinds of people of a...

Music To Our Ears

We've been very fortunate to have brilliant and experienced music composers / sound engineers like Simon Schumph and Brandon Vix as part of our team, putting together some original music that coincides with the hundreds of diverse incidents, environments and emotions that Sak will explore during his adventure. From a quiet and peaceful lake at night, to the wet and frozen depths of a glacier, the inside of an active lava tube, or climbing the black st...