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Meet The Team!

We're a multidisciplinary and extremely enthusiastic development team with a passion for creating games!

SAK'D will be our first title produced as a team, and we're putting every bit of love and energy we have into making Sak's adventure something very special - an exciting, immersive and unforgettable experience we're hoping everyone will want to play.

Kelly Eros
Project Management, Game Design & Concept Art

Kelly Eros

SAK'D creator, indie game-dev, education addict, cat aficionado, Alchemy Interactive CEO, and team leader-in-learning. In addition to game design, Kelly also manages our teams social media, marketing, business development, website development and graphic design tasks.

Started my gamedev hobby when I was 9 coding D&D Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books in BASIC on an Apple IIe. I received my diploma in Computer Programming & Systems Analysis from CDI in 1996, and a further diploma in Classical & 3D Animation from Sprott Shaw College in 1999, and went on to learn narrative development and story under Emmy® Award winning producer/director Michael Jorgensen through a Digital Cinematography program at NAIT in Edmonton, Alberta.

My primary focus at the moment, is maintaining my day-job and pounding every drop of time I can spare into making SAK’D. It’s a passion-project I started about 5 years ago with the hopes of creating an incredible platformer game, a bit of an homage to some of my favourite retro games. I worked on the project with the help of about 26 volunteers over the course of about 3 years, and together we created some really incredible material. Then, the pandemic hit and I was forced with a decision; give up on the SAK’D project altogether for a while, or keep trying to personally fund and manage development of an easier, smaller project based on the original game, with the help of my core team. Well, I’m sure as heck not giving up, so I decided on the latter, and here we are!

Have you seen the other things I get up to? Click the button below and pick a category to see some of my other hobbies, hopes, and dreams for a creative future.

When I’m not funneling my energy into SAK’D development, I also enjoy drawing, sculpting and learning new creative skills. You can see some of the other things I do over here:

Roland Baranowski
Unity Development

Roland Baranowski

Game developer, Alchemy Interactive CTO, husband, father of two cute mini-humans and one very adorable husky.

Enterprise Architect, Project Manager, and Application Developer with 18+ years of experience in design and development of business web applications and distributed systems. Having completed the Master of Science with Specialization in Computer Science: Software Engineering Science degree at the Warsaw University of Technology, Roland has a solid technical foundation from one of the European top universities. When not spending the off-hours with family, he’s heavily invested in making SAK’D a fun and exciting experience built on solid programming and architecture.

Creative Director, Art & Animation

Alejandro 'Grenias' Cervantes

Illustrator and animator extraordinaire! A highly-skilled creative wizard armed to the teeth with a bottomless pit of imagination, Grenias hand-crafts a large majority of the exceptional visuals in SAK'D.

A game artist who has worked on indie titles for PC, Ps4 and switch, titles include: Militant, and Tyr: Chains of Valhalla. Also an experienced mobile games Art director and Animation director, who worked in Ennui studios and Onem studio. He is currently a professor at XP Facultad de videojuegos, a university with a focus on game development. He has a passion for learning, creating new things, and enjoys all facets of game development.

Alan 'Lemuz' Aparicio
Art & Animation

Alan 'Lemuzaurio' Aparicio

Brilliant creative and Jedi knight of the animated arts, Lemuz helps put the magic of motion into the environments, vast array of monsters and other colourful characters populating the Realm of Dreams.

Bio Coming Soon!

Roberto 'Xbeto' Guajardo
Unity Development

Roberto 'Xbeto' Guajardo

Level 20 Unity Wizard and highly-gifted programmer, Xbeto has helped forge and finely tune SAK'D into the magical masterpiece of monster-smashing fun we're telling everyone that it is.

Roberto is a software engineer and video game programmer with extensive experience working with Unity 3D and C#. Having worked for companies like Softtek, Infosys, Epicor, Inflection Point, and others, Roberto brings a literal ton of energy and talent to the development of SAK’D.

Brandon Vix

Brandon Vix

Legendary musician and composer, Brandon is the mythical master of music responsible for crafting the entirely immersive soundtrack surrounding Sak throughout the Realm of Dreams!

A self-taught musician since the age of ten, Brandon Vix picked up anything that made a sound and began writing music straight away. Brandon went to the Art Institute of Vancouver (now Lasalle College) and focused on composition for video games and visual media. Graduating with a best in show for his work on more than seven games during his studies, he’s excited to give SAK’D everything he’s got and more.

Rosa Flores Mauney
Art Direction, Concept Art

Rosa Mauney

A meister of mythology and fantastic artist with a laser-accurate eye for colour, form and detail. Rosa's superb oversight on SAK'D artistic direction has been invaluable in bringing Sak's diverse world to life.

Rosa is a classically trained artist who gained her bachelor’s degree in visual arts and media from Cedim. Her thirst for artistic knowledge led her to continue her education, enrolling in the Academy of Art university for her master’s degree in visual development. She enjoys Mythology from all corners of the world, it’s influences clearly bleeding into her artistic flair.