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The GoFundMe Campaign is LIVE! Click the image above or here to visit and support the campaign and ongoing development.

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SAK’D Game Manual

Unleash The Power Within The Pillow!

An epic action adventure across dangerous environments filled with unique creatures. Discover powerful weapons and legendary treasures, wield elemental magic to slay monsters and solve challenging puzzles through a vast realm of dreams fractured by nightmares!

Campaign is LIVE!

Action-Adventure, Puzzle Platformer, Metroidvania

You're free to roam! Explore the heights and depths of 15 massive, detailed and vastly different worlds within the Realm of Dreams, each populated with colourful characters and terrifying creatures.


You have the power to bring Sak's incredible adventure to life!


Wishlist SAK'D on Steam

Wishlist SAK’D on Steam!

Wishlist SAK'D on Steam®. Every wishlist we get helps drive the success of our initial launch higher and increases our chances of making our first game a big success!
Back SAK'D Development via GoFundMe

Back Our GoFundMe!

Friends and family, we've chosen GoFundMe for our campaign because we know some of you prefer a hassle-free way to support without creating an account. Join us on an enchanting journey with Sak, the pillow hero destined to save the Realm of Dreams. Every bit of support on GoFundMe helps turn our dream into reality and brings this unique game to gamers everywhere.
Tell a Few Friends About SAK'D

Tell a Few Friends!

Help us let the world know that SAK'D is coming! Click here to visit our LinkTree where you can find links to all our SAK'D socials! Tweeting and re-tweeting our stuff on Twitter, sharing on Facebook, LinkedIn, or other platforms helps HUGE! Check out our videos on Tik-Tok or stop by the Official SAK'D Discord server to chat with our team and fellow fans.

“I’m usually a harsh critic but idk man, I love this s***, can’t put my finger on exactly what makes it loveable to me, but I love it. I’d buy it.”

Achbish Beetlegeuse

"This looks absolutely spectacular!"

8-Bit Assassin

"Wow this looks cute and packs a big nostalgic punch!"


Interested in writing about SAK’D? There’s a whole section of images, video clips and other stuff for you here:

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pillow power 

pillow power 

pillow power 

pillow power 

pillow power 

Sak Triumphant