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A Tale of Two Worlds

Hello Everyone! With the SAK’D Kickstarter launching soon (just a few months away!), we wanted to take a moment to address the differences between the two games currently in development by our studio. The first game, titled ‘SAK’D‘, is the 2-dimensional and definitively more ‘cartoon’ representation of Sak . The art is hand-drawn 2D and we’re keeping this one fast-paced exploration, treasure-collecting, monster-smashin’ fun with a dash of role-playing game flavour, but kept in the classical platformer feel. This title explores Sak’s adventure in a place called the Realm of Dreams. It has been invaded by nightmarish creatures seeking to tear the realm of dreams apart, thus plunging all who dream into a world of unending nightmares.

The second title, ‘SAK’D : The Rise of Maniakal‘, where Sak first originates (weird, right? Don’t worry, we’re not insane, we’ll explain a bit further down.) at Sak’s very beginnings, revealing the very creation of the pillow warrior-mage, and the challenges and dangers endured to defeat a rising power of evil called Maniakal. This corrupted Mage of Elemental Darkness seeks to overwhelm the lands and reign all light and life under his dominance. Sak must rise to the call and become the force of might and magic the world needs, overthrow Maniakal and bring balance to the realms.

This second game is designed to be a much more intensive 2.5D role-playing experience with an incredible level of detail, special effects, cutscenes, and many other features that involve a larger force of resources and people to develop. This game is intended to be expansive, with thousands of areas, hundreds of monsters, traps, puzzles and treasures to find.

In the very beginning of SAK’D: The Rise of Maniakal, Sak is (classically) ejected from is origin point and lands in a wooded area some distance away. As night falls and the rain begins to fall, a very confused Sak crawls into a hollow at the base of a large tree and falls asleep, and as Sak sleeps that first sleep, the powerful magics that both created and saved our pillowy friend from an untimely death, also creates a rupture in the elemental fabric that binds reality together. This rift in reality pulls Sak’s subconscious self into the Realm of Dreams where Sak finds a kingdom under attack by nightmarish creatures who have ‘leaked’ through the tears in the fabric of reality into the Realm of Dreams.

So, in short- SAK’D is the adventure that occurs within Sak’s first dream as a living being.