The SAK'D Creative Team
We’re a small family of game enthusiasts who have a particular passion for making incredibly fun and immersive interactive experiences! We’re working on the bio’s in this section at the moment, to bring you a bit more insight into each team member’s background, but for now you can find some of those details on the SAK’D page (click here).
Team SAK'D - Kelly Eros

Kelly Eros
Concept, Game Design, Art

Team SAK'D - Alejandro Cervantes

Alejandro ‘Grenias’ Cervantes
Game Design, Art, Animation

Andrei Müller - Programming, Unity Development

Andrei Müller
Unity Development, Programming

Team SAK'D - Alan Aparicio

Alan ‘Lemuzario’ Aparicio

Team SAK'D - Roberto Guajardo

Roberto Javier Guajardo
Unity Development

Team SAK'D - Roland Baranowski

Roland Baranowski
Unity Development

Team SAK'D - Rich Mauney

Rich Mauney

Team SAK'D - Brandon Vix

Brandon Vix
Music, Sound FX

James Thorley - Sound Design

James Thorley
Sound Designer

Team SAK'D - Rosa Flores

Rosa Flores Cuirres

Team SAK'D - Jose Esteras

José ‘Gigio’ Esteras
Architectural Director, Game Design

Team SAK'D - Mike Rees

Mike Rees
Content Editing