The SAK'D Creative Team
We’re an all-volunteer guild of artists, musicians, composers, game enthusiasts, programmers, developers, modelers and animators who have come together to create amazing interactive entertainment and mind-blowing digital experiences.
Brandon Vix
Amber-Rose Boyd
Sam Erickson
Mike Rees
Lynette Vinck
José 'Gigio' Esteras
Dave Warren
Ty Vinck
Simon Schumph
Shawn McGinnis
Roland Baranowski
Mike DeBruin
Kelsey Riddle
Kelly Eros
Erika Moya
Courtney Trembecki
Jens Kluge
Bronson Ramos
Carolyn Block
Victor Del Castillo
Marius Poiret
Matt Bryan

Are you interested in volunteering your Jedi-skills on the super-fun game development project of the century? Contact us here or drop us a line on social media and let us know how you would like to help!