Perhaps the most iconic feature of Sak, aside from being a pillow, is his rear end. Now, that’s not to say that he farts feathers or craps medieval pillow filler, but he does have a bum of sorts. We’ve rounded and softened Sak’s bottom from it’s earlier sculpted appearance shown above, but we’re not promising we won’t put a little more defined a** in the final version. We’ve had a really encouraging series of reviews on him by all kinds of people of all ages, from day one, but the one thing almost everyone drops positive comments on is Sak’s bum, and it’s here to stay.

It’s Not Just For Show.

You might think it’s just a cute addition to an already lovable character, but Sak’s hind-quarters also lends physical weight and balance (or awkwardness, as applicable) to his characteristic movements throughout the game, and balances out his weapon attacks, jumps and even helps him keep an even keel in the water. The magic channeled his direction during the great conjuration (See:Prologue / Coming Soon) was done so with the intention that it be deposited into a massive anthropomorphized golem, and some of that wizardly intention manifested in Sak’s pillowy form, hence his very bipedal nature.