The Contest Has Been Won!

Congratulations to our Twitter and our Facebook winners Alberta Makes Games and Chris Hammond!

So we tried to run another live draw for the Second Official SAK’D Giveaway but tbh, Twitch isn’t exactly our forté. We ran into a few issues with the browser overlay not showing and then our connection was dropped a few times before we just decide it was time to pull the names out of the hat….so to speak. So we ran our independent Twitter and Facebook entrants through good ol’ randomizer, and announced the winners online within minutes of the find. You might even be able to run back through the vids on @AlchemyInteractive on Twitch and see where we went wrong on a few levels during that stream. All good though! We love a learning experience and we’ll always do our best to make the next giveaway even more fun and exciting than the last one was. Many thanks and big shouts out to all the fans who shared, followed, liked and otherwise helped spread the word. Your support is a REALLY BIG deal, like creative jet fuel. So please, keep doing that positive-vibe voodoo that you do so well, and we’ll keep making this awesome game!

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IT’S THAT TIME!🏆We’re giving away a killer lil’ ‘Sak Pak’!
A brand new theatre-quality full colour SAK’D wall poster* (24″x36″) and a SAK’D premium gel mousepad!, together in in your choice of either ‘Slimed’ or ‘Warpath’ Edition

How to Enter

Easy to enter, easy to win. Just visit either our Facebook Page and ‘Like’ the page & share the contest post (it’s super-easy to spot). Your name will be entered into the giveaway.

Even if you already like our page, just share the post and let the magic happen. We’ll spot the awesome deed almost right away and note your name in the ‘List of Great Contest Entrant Deeds’, and you’ll be automatically entered to win. One lucky winner for Facebook and for Twitter will be chosen using a live random draw courtesy of #Twitch and announced on Twitch, Twitter and Facebook on Sunday, March 17th, 7pm (MST)

For full item details, you can check out the posters, mousepads and other cool SAK’D game gear here:

*Please Note: Poster frame shown in the images on this page is not included. Entrants can not win twice, but liking/following/sharing on both Facebook and Twitter will increase your odds of winning either giveaway.

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