If there is one thing you can count on in the world Sak wakes up in, is that there is danger lurking everywhere. As if the ferocity and wild of the natural (and sometimes unnatural) environment wasn’t enough to send a pillow packin’, we’re populating this adventure with a veritable cornucopia of fantastical creatures. We’re really hammering out the details on these beasts too, working out their movements, their methods of attack and defense, and how they relate to the story and in-fact their very ecology, how they relate and respond to the world around them and how they react to being approached or attacked… or even communicated with.

In addition to the plethora of innocuous animals and insects, and among the myriad number of baddies scattered throughout the expansive levels, there is also dozens of mini-bosses to overcome, and not all are bested with a sword or a spell, and there are imposing boss monsters ruling over their respective areas with an iron fist, or tentacle…or other weird appendage, in service to Maniakal’s dark will. When Maniakal destroyed the Citadel of Light and enslaved the spirits of his brothers and sisters, he charged each of his new ‘dark generals’ with the task of locating, controlling and corrupting the most fearsome incarnations of terror in the realms that they could find, and to employ them as guardians of important areas, or as dreadnoughts in the war against the forces of good.

SAK'D - Dark Mage of Elemental Ice
SAK'D - Dark Mage of Elemental Earth
SAK'D - Dark Mage of Elemental Fire
SAK'D - Dark Mage of Elemental Water

Monster-making is ultra-levels of awesome fun, and we’re having an absolute BLAST bringing so many of theses concepts to digital life. For sure the drawings are great n’ all, but when we’re actually interacting with a character or creature we’ve created, well the team gets all kinds of butterflies and goosebumps. Even seeing something as simple as a bird flying and landing in the trees is incredible to watch or the seemingly-mundane shuffling movement of a slime, it all brings tremendous smiles all around.

We’re definitely aiming for something more in interactivity and intelligence on these things, to make sure the creatures in this world aren’t your standard ‘walking back and forth on a platform’ type of enemies, and to give each of them its own personality, and offensive and defensive capabilities that will surprise and challenge players. Creepy things that hunt and stalk, monsters that may have you thinking about your next move carefully and looking behind you frequently. Then there is the whole ‘smashin’ ’em for treasure that’s a real treat.

We’re pretty sure you’re gonna think the combat and interactivity is amazing, and we know you’ll love the attention to detail and the subtle nuances in each creature encounter that will help make them as thought-provoking and as thrilling to encounter as they were to imagine, create, texture and animate.

Also, since most of us grew up on fantasy rpg’s, video games and sci-fi and horror movies, we’ve made sure to- in satirical fashion or by way of an affectionate nod or Easter egg- pay homage to some of our fan-favourite monsters and movie moments spanning four decades of classics. It’s our first big game as a team, and so we’re pouring everything we got into making it one of the most memorable game experiences anyone’s ever played. Our team is jammin’ on 3D sculpts, textures, levels and art every single day, and we’ll be dropping out some additional surprises, sneak-peeks and animation clips in the weeks and months ahead, so check back for updates to the blog as we head towards the crowdfunding campaign launch. There is more monsters and mayhem on the way!