The game puzzle mechanics in SAK’D come with varying degrees of complexity, ranging from the ‘Punch a hole in the wall.’ to ‘Return to this area later with the item, weapon, spell or artifact necessary to pass’, ‘Run for your life and dodge everything’ to the operation or triggering of more complex mechanical apparatuses to achieve a desired result. We’ve listened to the community at large and we’re implementing changes in the levels and environments to make certain that even returning a second or third time to any given area can be met with entirely different circumstances. Sure, Sak will have to make a trip back to certain areas to explore further within those levels, but more often than not the extra effort is rewarded with new and exciting enemies, adventure and of course treasure. In this particular post we’re exploring some of the fun mechanics we’re bringing to Sak’s adventure, without getting into too much detail, ’cause you know. Gotta keep some of the surprises for the game. 😉

Actions & Consequences

We’re really trying to put some effort into the puzzles and potential for interaction with every environment in the game. The concept art example above (sorry/not-sorry for the rough art and blurred text, but we’re not giving everything away in the blog…well, maybe a few secrets if you look around), is the barn located in Section 3e – The Farm. While moving through the farm does not require any particular puzzle to be solved in order to pass, stopping to solve the local farmers cow issue can yield a special item, fixing and riding the lift to the roof can illuminate a secret, or even destroying the hay lift, each action or series of actions can all hold different outcomes and possibilities, some of which have consequences that will affect other events or abilities further in the adventure.

In the cavern example shown here, Sak must locate a certain special ‘Gauntlet of Might’ which is then used to crack a massive boulder in a pond above ground, which subsequently begins to leak water into the enormous cavern below. Sak can return to the depths and use that same magical gauntlet to shatter and topple the supporting column in the cavern to flood a normally previously inaccessible passage to a secret area and hidden exit from the caverns.

Click and drag the line below with your mouse pointer on computer or finger on mobile for the before/after.

SAKD Cavern Game Mechanics Image A
SAKD Cavern Game Mechanics Image B

It’s A Trap!

Well, several actually.

We might be getting carried away with some of the traps Sak faces in an already-harrowing quest for survival, but we’ll admit to having a ton of fun devising all kinds of terrible and creative ways for Sak to meet a pillowy doom. You know, have some creative fun, discovering new and interesting areas or abilities, and dodge being shredded, sliced, chopped eaten, blown up or dissolved while you’re at it. Of course there is the casual smattering of spike-filled pit traps and falling boulders, but expect the unexpected, too, and get ready to ‘think outside the box’.

Spell effects and weapons can also provide answers to solving various riddles or defeating traps and enemies, in more ways than simply hammering a problem to death, although there is plenty of mayhem to be had. We’re doing our very best to keep things fun and entertaining, but richly-detailed while not hanging people up on completing every little thing to reach the end goal. In-fact much of the subterranean areas need not even be explored to complete the game, but the further Sak explores, the knowledge and treasure that Sak acquires, and the secrets that Sak uncovers will all help determine the kind and strength of hero that faces off with Maniakal in the final hour. We never said it was going to be easy, even on easy.


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