SAK’D ‘Dark Mage of Elemental Fire’ Collectors Poster


If you want to make a really big support statement for one of the greatest game development projects on the planet AND score one of the sweetest pieces of SAK’D memorabilia, then look no further. Get your hands on one of these super-attractive and ultra-vivid SAK’D wall posters! Our kid-friendly ‘Slimed Edition’ poster is the perfect SAK’D deco for those who don’t want blood on their walls, and features incredibly thick paper, perfect trim, amazing gloss, and it is also available in a professional matte finish.

This collector-quality slice of historical game artwork is the gift that keeps on giving, every time you walk into a room and see that heroic pillow smiling back at you. Perfect for framing and adorning the walls of that awesome gamer den or sports cave you’ve been slowly turning the basement into.

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Product Description

Full Disclosure: We’ve worked our a**es off for the past few years designing, prototyping, re-designing and protoyping again to try and nail down some super-sweet schwag, a way to be able to help generate some much-needed scratch to continue development and at the same time give something back to the awesome fans helping to breathe life into SAK’D. While we aren’t out to gouge the fans, we are using merchandise as a means of fund raising. With every purchase of high-quality merchandise you make from our online store, between $2-$5CAD per item goes to support a team of hardworking volunteer game developers in our valiant quest to build one the greatest games ever. From all of us here at Alchemy Interactive, our sincerest thanks.