Elvermyr - The Chronicles of Chryalis Book 1


The Chronicles of Chryalis: Book 1

A spellbinding fantasy novel that details the early years of an elf orphan named Areya, her companion dragon, Talon, and their powerful rebellion against the destruction of their homeland by the forces of Maniakal. Elvermýr predates the events of the game SAK’D by many years and although it does not feature our pillowy lil’ hero, there is some significant tie-ins with the game.

Chryalis World Map - Copyright ©2021 Kelly Eros

Elvermýr : The Game

Development Target Start Date: Q2, 2023

Join the elf warrior Areya on an incredible adventure in a medieval fantasy world full of danger, intrigue and creatures beyond imagination. This game will contain prequel events and beautiful tie-ins with SAK’D and SAK’D: The Rise of Maniakal.

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Areya and Talon - Elvermýr
Artwork by @KuroTorii_
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