Category: Art Diary

It's a Creature Feature!

If there is one thing you can count on in the world Sak wakes up in, is that there is danger lurking everywhere. As if the ferocity and wild of the natural (and sometimes unnatural) environment wasn't enough to send a pillow packin', we're populating this adventure with a veritable cornucopia of fantastical creatures. We're really hammering out the details on these beasts too, working out their movements, their methods of attack and defense, and how...

Art Direction & Conceptualization

There were a few iterations on the drawing table for SAK'D when the game was originally conceived all those moons ago, including a very 'cartooney' version, more in line with the 2D representation you see in several of the posters and SAK'D gear, and much the same as the prologue graphic novel that we're not telling anyone about yet (oops...*wink). That version may yet rear its head in a mobile iteration down the road pending the success of the...