The Quest

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To Make A Mind-Blowing Game, Of Course!

We’re building a super-cool adventure called SAK’D, and we’re gonna knock it out of the park! We’re working at a great pace, and steadily plugging away at one of the coolest projects any of us have ever worked on. Sure we’re ridiculously underfunded, and everything takes a bit more time and a effort to smash together than if we were a big game company, but we’re having the time of our lives buildings something amazing that we really love. BONUS ~ it’s turning out pretty freakin’ awesome and we’re confident you’re going to love it too.

Help Us Reach Our Goal!

Whether you’re already a friend of the team, a game fan that loves supporting independent game development, or someone who just really wants to see SAK’D get built faster, everyone can help! We’re always grateful for well-wishes, pats on the back, motivational coffee and anything else that helps grease the wheels of positivity and progress. If you have that philanthropist urge to help a fledgling game development company get a leg up in a competitive industry, and would like to contribute to the success of SAK’D, there are a number of really easy ways to support the cause.

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Sign Up For The Newsletter!

In order for our crowdfunding efforts to have the greatest chance of success, we first need to gather a list of people who would likely pledge– in one way or another- to help crowdfund our project. Our goal is to reach 2,500 subscribers. We promise not to send spam, so if you don’t mind receiving an awesome and informative newsletter once a month containing cool behind-the-scenes pictures, audio and video clips and exclusive backer bonuses, then click the button below to head over to our Newsletter Subscription Page and sign up for the adventure. Thank you!

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Current Subscribers

Spread the Word!

As a small game design company in the North end of Alberta, Canada, and swimming in a really heavy sea of global developers, we’re kind-of an unknown in the industry. One of the greatest contributions you can make is to put a kind word or mention to others of our lil’ dev team and our quest to make SAK’D! A shout-out, liking or sharing a post or our pages, naming your new pet or child after Sak, tattooing the game title across your back in 8-inch high letters, or simply showing up to that next corporate board meeting while wearing a SAK’D T-Shirt… these are all perfectly acceptable and even encouraged methods of spreading the good word that you’re on board with one of the coolest and weirdest game development projects on the planet.

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Buy Us a Cup of Coffee!

If you’d like to help throw some pep into our step with a cup of the good stuff, well that’s a great way to contribute to our quest too. A little bit of java goes a long way when we’re fueling late-night game development sessions. Just click the link below and donate whatever you like. All donations are anonymously accepted, but we would like to give a shout out to all our benefactors, so feel free to drop us a message on social media or email to say ‘Cheers!’ and we’ll post your name or nickname on our contributors page, and a mention on our social channels. Our sincere thanks for your generous gift of wakefulness!

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