SAK’D: The Rise of Maniakal – Meet The Hero

Sak the Pillow
Meet Sak!

Born from powerful magic, Sak is an a**-kicking, weapon-wielding, spell-casting, monster-smashin’, demon-slaying s**t-talker on an epic quest to destroy the darkest of evils and restore balance to a world in chaos. Sak just doesn’t know it yet.

Although the destination is almost certain, the journey remains unknown. You must help Sak discover new abilities and unlock the mystical power that lies within to become the last light of hope in the fight against Maniakal’s horde.

Green Down Arrow
A Magical A**-Kickin' Pillow

Sak is a magical construct imbued with devastatingly-powerful magic and fighting capabilities, and although Sak is often referred to as a he for the purposes of writing, Sak is merely an anthropomorphised pillow. We like to think of Sak as a little bit of whoever is playing, reading about, or watching Sak. Sak has no race to speak of since, to the best of Sak’s knowledge, Sak is the only walking, talking pillow on the planet. Sak is whatever you want Sak to be, and hopefully, like us, you’ll identify with Sak in all kinds of ways.

We are also providing options in the game to change the outer texture or ‘pillowcase’ of Sak’s character model to a variety of cool textures and skin styles to allow for a completely customizable and personalized user experience. Sak is after all, a pillow for the people.

``From Small Beginnings, Come Great Things.``

Sak might be only a meter tall but don’t let the diminutive stature fool you. He’s got attitude a mile wide, just the right blend of sarcasm and comes packed with enough elemental magic power and fighting prowess to level a goblin lair with a wave of the hand. The only problem? Sak has no idea who, or what- Sak is, and barely any sense of where to go. Only YOU can help Sak survive the many dangers of a new and very strange world and guide him on his journey to realizing his full potential!


Swim, run, crawl, climb walls, jump to new heights and access hard to reach areas using techniques honed through experience. Learn and master a wide variety of abilities to survive a very dangerous world.


Experience Sak gains with the multitude of available weapons and armor can lead to new combination attacks and defenses, or even confer magical abilities. Simple to use, challenging to master.


Learn entertaining cantrips, devastating spells and some of the most eye-popping mystic arts ever wielded by a wizard. With practice and experience, a studious magic-user can unleash extraordinary results.


Abandon magic or the assured strength of weapons and armor for the power of the punch. Learn the secrets of the fabled fighting monks and how to unleash ancient skills with deadly results.


Short and easy-to-learn combination attacks can be executed as Sak gains experience with weapons and magic. Chain multiple attacks with successful combinations and lay your enemies low!


A variety of specialized costumes scattered throughout the world can be discovered and worn to blend with the locals, gain environmental advantages or to slip by more dangerous adversaries unnoticed.


Locked deep within Sak’s pillowy exterior burns a wellspring of unfathomable elemental power. Find secrets, pursue adversaries and follow the clues to discover Sak’s true nature and leash the powerful forces within.


The destination my be evident but the paths ahead are forked and many. Choose your own adventure, make your own choices, and become a powerful force capable of contesting the dark will of Maniakal.

Killer Instincts

Sak possesses a unique ability for weapons and armour to magically conform to a size more befitting his physical stature, so even the largest suit of plate mail becomes a snug fit, and the most unwieldy of long axes to become a deadly weapon of war in the hands of a pillow with a purpose. Sak’s a quick learner too, gaining important new abilities and evolving with combat and life experience, and generally adjusting to the changing world around him. Just gotta survive long enough to get ’em, and use ’em well enough to survive.

Green Down Arrow
Sak the Pillow
An Unexpected Hero

Sak might be the most unlikely individual to ever wield a sword, cast a spell or slay a monster, but he’s the hero the world needs right now. A no-nonsense down-to-business  defender of the innocent who will stop at nothing to reach his goals and put an end to the plague of Maniakal’s evil darkness once and for all.

Up Next:

We’re in the process of bringing Sak to life with our flagship title, SAK’D. A Saturday morning cartoon-flavoured action-adventure platformer full of brain-scratching, controller-biting fun. Click the image below to check it out or click here to see what you can do to help us reach our goal!
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