The SAK’D Hall of Heroes

The SAK'D Hall of Heroes

We want to say a very big THANK YOU to all the extremely kind and gracious folks who supported us on our quest to make amazing games. We’re going include the names of people who back our project on Kickstarter here in this special area of the website (with permission, of course).  The names collected here, in the Hall of Heroes, will go on to be immortalized in the end-game credits of SAK’D!

Please Note: We’re just setting up this area at the moment, and we’ll be making improvements and fine-tuning the layout and organization of the page as we get closer to the Kickstarter launch. We sincerely appreciate you stopping by to check things out in the meantime!

Erika Moya

Mike Rees

Devyn Harris

Brittany Young

Caroline Larson

Peter Herrmann

Alistair Briggs

Mike Hayes

José Esteras

Trevor Meyer

Dan Johnston

Eddie Doyle

Anita Krahn

Ray Peterson

Tyler Vinck

Lynette Vinck

Gloria Eros

Carolyn Block

If you’re interested in being one of the first to have your name forever etched in digital history, here in the Hall of Heroes, we highly recommend signing up for the newsletter. We don’t have much time or resources to contribute to a regular newsletter so you won’t be getting spammed with useless or arbitrary stuff (we’re far too busy developing a game and working regular day-jobs for that type of thing), but when it’s most important, we’ll send first notice of the Kickstarter launch to all our newsletter subscribers.

SAK'D Hail to the Heroes