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You are hurled headlong into adventure beyond imagination as Sak, a pillow accidentally brought to life and unwittingly imbued with monster-shredding capabilities and magical powers beyond reckoning. Discover Sak’s purpose and path while investigating intriguing mysteries, wielding enormously powerful, eye-popping arcane spells and devastating weaponry as you explore vibrant and colourful environments, extreme landscapes, and twisted realities on a quest to destroy the ultimate evil and restore peace to the world.

The Action-Adventure RPG Platformer We've All Been Waiting For.

Journey with Sak across a mysterious and expansive world, hacking, slashing and spell-blasting your way through over 80 levels of awe-inspiring and incredibly immersive environments. Uncover clues and unravel the mystery behind Sak’s origins, the pervasive hordes of monsters that now roam the lands terrorizing the innocent, and Maniakal, the source of corruption seeking to destroy everything in his path.

Go Ahead, Explore!

Explore some of the most awe-inspiring environments you can ever imagine being compelled by a sacred quest to walk into. From lush and mossy forests, haunted castles and windswept desert, to fetid swamps, magma flows, icy caverns, ancient subterranean caverns and even the very darkest depths of the ocean. 80 massive and beautifully-detailed levels and hundreds of side quests for countless hours of adventure.

This Ain't Your Average
Magical Fighting Pillow.

Sak’s an a**-kicking, weapon-wielding, spell-casting, monster-smashin’, demon-slaying s**t-talker on an epic quest to destroy the darkest of evils and restore balance to a world in chaos.

You Wanted It, So We're Bringing It!


You’ll laugh, scream, cry and cheer through this thought-provoking saga.


Retro-game inspired. It’s a classic platform role-playing game beautifully-designed with Unity.


Forests to farmlands, mountains, oceans depths, desert wastelands and more.


Monsters, magic, weapons, items, friends, foes and adventure at every turn.


Tons of tongue-in-cheek humour, easter-eggs and environmental eye-candy.


Great for players who enjoy fewer buttons and still amazing for sadists who like combos!

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